Playing Near the Ricoh Women’s Golf – Courses to Visit Whilst in Southport

If you are venturing to the Merseyside area for the Ricoh Women’s Open Golf competition later this year, you might also be considering a game or two yourself at one of the many golf courses that fill the area. The Royal Birkdale course itself is neighboured by Hillside and Southport and Ainsdale golf clubs and within a few miles you have two more Southport clubs, four courses at two clubs in nearby Formby, a couple of clubs in Ormskirk and that is without looking further away to Preston, Kirkby, Crosby and so on.

But if you maybe do not want to venture to one of these main high class clubs, what are the pay and play options on offer? We will look at a few of the options here!

Not too far away from Birkdale, easily accessible by car, is the famous Aintree race course. Within the ‘country’ half of the course as it is known (that is the area over the Melling Road furthest away from the grandstands) lies a motor racing track and within that a truly excellent 9-hole golf course. It is a course I have played several times and am hoping to play again in the next couple of weeks. Turn up and play or if you are travelling, check their website for the telephone number and book in advance, just in case they are closed due to a horse or motor racing event!

The course, when first built, held the record for the longest holes in a 9-hole course in the UK. No one seems to known whether this is still the case, but at around 550 yards plus, the first and the ninth holes are long and excellent fun! Not all of the holes are this long and there are a few par three holes to ease the game.

But out of the memorable holes, this course has a few, but what could be more so than playing the ninth hole towards the grandstands of the race course? An excellent distraction as you are playing.

Nearer to the action in Royal Birkdale is the Southport Links, which is the Southport municipal course. Do not be put off by the municipal tag, it is an excellent course, in good standing and a trial to play with the third hole another long Merseyside hole of longer than 550 yards. The blind shot over the bunker on the fourth hole is a challenge and a half, you will see what I mean when you approach a bunker that must be 20 feet high! The rest of the first 9 are interesting holes, although the back 9 are a little up and down in places, over some very long par 4s.

For the not so serious there are a few other courses that are par 3s in the area, including Tarleton and the Formby Driving Centre, as well as a pitch and putt at Ocean Plaza in Southport. If you feel like hitting a ball or two, there are plenty of option.

Brief Insight Into Online Nutrition Courses

Nutrition conscious has become the order of the day

Perhaps you might have observed; since the recent past people have become diet conscious. They always choose their food having regard to the calorie intake. You also find several newspapers and magazines coming out with numerous articles on nutrition and diet. Normally, the nutrition experts prescribe certain eating habits and also the calorie a person could consume in a day. This depends on various issues like the general health of the person, his lifestyle, age and so on. As a matter of fact, many colleges and other organizations have introduced specific courses where students are trained in nutrition. Apart from this classroom training, many online courses on nutrition also have secured significant response from the students.

Brief introduction to online nutrition classes

Many students opt for online courses on nutrition technology for the simple reason, they can study at their convenience. The online course on nutrition has several general topics like for example human anatomy, human metabolism, digestive system, RDA and RNA, diet planning and such other related topics. The students willing to join the course are required to possess certain basic academic qualifications. This requirement varies depending on the institution offering the course. As in various other online courses, even the courses on nutrition is divided into various categories like for example human nutrition, nutrition for sports personnel, therapeutic nutrition and so on. The courses are conducted in diploma, advanced diploma and also in bachelor level. Advanced courses on nutrition technology are also provided by various reputed online training institutions.

Those who undertake online courses on nutrition are closely monitored about their performance. Many institutions provide online lecture and the students are allowed to ask questions and interact with the instructor. The student can also contact the instructor either through Skype or Google talk and clarify any doubts he has. As you know, when you take the course online, you have the advantage of accessing numerous useful information through the internet. Apart from online interaction with the instructor, the students are also allowed to directly interact with the instructor either through a mobile phone.

Placement opportunities

After completion of the course, the students are given the appropriate certificate. The successful students can find placement in any of the hospitals or local clinics. They can also start their own consulting center. Some of the successful students have started online consultation center also. Nutrition technology is a promising career. You can take up this career either on full time or as a part time career also.