The Best Spanish Learning Methods in Existence!

So you want to learn Spanish? By now you have probably realized yourself that there are a variety of ways to approach that matter. Well you’re in luck because this article details the best Spanish learning methods in existence!

Before we start you need to understand a fundamental thing. Any of these methods are useless unless you have the will and determination to succeed. Nobody is going to snap their fingers and make you fluent in Spanish, you need to put all the hard work in.

#1. Private Tutors

This first method is quite possible one of the most effective however it’s horrendously expensive. Private lessons cost around $50 per hour. Each lesson lasts about 2 hours which means that you’ll be spending $100 dollar at a session. It’s quite funny just how expensive that is. Don’t get me wrong, I might be the only one who thinks this is expensive, but if you are not like me, and can afford it, go for it.

I needed to learn Spanish for work. And I did so in about 4-5 months. But I didn’t do private classes because I just couldn’t afford it. Think about it, if you want to learn at a decent pace, you will have at least 2 lessons a week, times that by 4 weeks in a month and again by 4 months you result in a $3200 whole in your pocket.

#2. Spanish Classes

This is one proves to be more cost effective however I hate the fact that I have to rely on others to do my own language learning. By this I mean the schedule, that’s just a nightmare. You have to be there, every week, at a specific hour. I just hate that, I personally like to work in my own time, whenever I feel like it. If I feel like it I will also have the best results and be most effective.

Also, if you are relatively good, you will be held back by all the other 30 people that are in the same class with you. They constantly ask questions, questions whom you already know the answer to. This is cheap excuse to learn Spanish, but if you really want to learn something, this is not the way to do it.

#3. Self study

So here we are, towards the end, at the best learning method. I’ll be very honest with you now, I’ve hired a private teacher and I’ve also been to these classes but they were not for me. I needed something that allowed me to move at my own pace.

As a person, I am personally shy, so I needed to be able to speak freely without being hinged by the fact that I am in a room full of people, or even by the fact that there’s another person in front of me. I’m not saying this is like stage fright but you must understand that when I had to get up in front of 30 or so people, I just felt totally embarrassed. This became a growing problem as I released that my Spanish wasn’t as good as the other people in the class.

I also needed something that I could revisit, something that had everything needed for learning.

Then I released that I have to turn to self study. Self study is by far the best method to use. But how do you approach self study? Well books are not that helpful. I personally like either online websites or computer software to do the job for me.

In conclusion if you want the best Spanish learning method than start learning it by yourself at home. That is the most cost effective, time efficient way to do it!