Potty Training Girls Tips – Here Are Three Tips For Potty Training Girls

The ideas of how to potty train has been a widely discussed topic for a long time. Each parent seems to have their own ideas and tips that worked well for them. I know of one couple that swore by the strategy of buying two portable potties for camping. One for their daughter and one for their son. They had a large enough bathroom for both of them to have their own potty. Within a couple of weeks, no more diapers. I will give you three tips for training girls that worked well for my wife and I when we trained our daughter.

Start as early as you think she is ready and maybe even a little before. We had our daughter on the potty when she was 14 months old. We were not pushing the issue at that age but we were getting her comfortable with it and from time to time she would do her thing. By the time she was 18 months old she was wearing pull ups. And by 22 months she was trained.

Make it fun for your daughter when she is toilet training. This is one of the biggest tips for training girls that I can recommend. By fun I mean, every time she potties, let there be an ethical bribe involved. Whenever my daughter was successful with going to the potty she was allowed to pick out her own dress the next time we went to town. Girls love doing this kinda stuff, whether they are 18 months old or 18 years old. I guess its a girly thing.

Be patient when toilet training. Whether its potty training girls or potty training boys, it won’t last forever.
Remember you are the adult and they are just a child. These are the best days of your lives, and potty training is the kind of thing that you will always remember about your child raising experiences. I know it is for me.

These were your three potty training girls tips. A person could probably write a book on tips for potty training girls because like I said earlier, every parent seems to have their own tried and tested methods.